Sinclair reveals world's lightest folding bike

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The people at Sinclair Research have been hard at work at developing a compact transportation device, and it has all culminated to this point: the launch of the "A-Bike", the world's lightest folding bicycle.

This is a great invention for people who are tight on space, hateful of the rising gas prices, and want to get a touch of exercise while they're at it. It takes only 10 seconds to fold up the A-Bike, and the same amount of time to unfold it before you can hit the streets. Best of all, this offering from Sinclair is a mere 12 pounds!

Interestingly, although it has some rather tiny wheels, the pedal power required isn't all that much different from a regular bike, and because the chain system is fully enclosed, you won't have to worry about getting your pant legs pulled in and torn.

Mobile Magazine, Wednesday August 2, 2006 2:43 PM EST

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Fotos & illustraties

Hieronder vindt u een aantal afbeeldingen van de A-bike, ze geven een goed beeld waar, wanneer en hoe de A-bike te gebruiken is. Zoekt u afbeeldingen in hoge resolutie, klik dan op Pers links hiernaast.

Videos & Beeldmateriaal

Hieronder treft u een aantal video’s aan van de A-bike in actie, u krijgt hierbij een goed idee hoe het is om op de A-bike te fietsen.